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The North Lincolnshire town of Scunthorpe is the centre of the UK's steel processing industry and is home to around 72,000 residents.

Iron ore has been mined in the area for nearly a century and a half, leading to rapid growth of the town over that period and the steel industry represents the primary employer in Scunthorpe.

The giant steel works dominate the town, with huge blast furnaces named after four female British monarchs, and the cooling towers of the associated lime works plant which can be seen from miles around. As a by-product of the steel industry engineering firms also proliferate in Scunthorpe.

The town is home to several large retail areas, such as the Foundry and Parishes shopping centres which, along with Scunthorpe's bustling High Street, offer all the major retail chains plus many smaller independent shops and a range of cafes and restaurants.

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